I’m Mark Peters. I am a sales consultant at bird life international and I am in charge
of running the birdlife international african company. I assisted in the creation of the bird life international org.In the year 1922 ICBP was founded ;international Committee for Bird Preservation (ICBP) is founded,becoming the first truly international conservation organisation. Bird life internationl has information on all parrots: South American Parrots, African Parrots, and Australian Parrots! The site isdedicated to the health of companion birds and it is my hope that through educating the public about the responsibilities of owning parrots, that I might help prevent the mistreatment and/or abandonment of these majestic, intelligent creatures. Please take the time to carefully consider all the information on this site before plunging into “parrothood,” particularly the pages on how to buy a bird. These pages will prepare you for parrot ownership and will help you decide if you really want the responsibility of owning a parrot . Although many people think a small parrot such as a lovebird or budgie is “easier” they still require quite a bit of time and care compared with cats or dogs.