Does the amount of carbohydrate you eat matter? What about the time?

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Did you know carbohydrate is your main source of energy?

Have you ever thought about the amount of energy in every carbohydrates meal you eat?

Carbohydrates are micronutrients which the body requires in large quantity. For every carbohydrate meal you consume, it is either converted to sugar(glucose) or stored as glycogen or fat.

Well the time and the amount of carbohydrate you eat will determine if it will be used as energy by the body or stored as fat.

If the amount of food containing carbohydrate you eat is more than the energy requirement of the body cells it will be very unhealthy even though one can not tell the right amount that the body need. This is because your body takes what it needs for its activities and then the rest of the energy is stored as fat.

Most importantly, when deciding the amount of carbohydrate to consume you…

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